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Cellador Ales Tasting Room and Brewery

Role: Architect of Record
Location: North Hills, Los Angeles, CA
Type: Brewery and Tasting Room

The Los Angeles based micro-brewery Cellador Ales, one of the few 100% oak barrel fermented craft breweries in the US, were looking to create a unique space that would accommodate brewing, oak barrel fermentation and a sophisticated tap room for sampling their exceptional flavors. They selected an 3,401 sf space in a North Hills, Los Angeles, CA warehouse  for their home base and launch of their first bottles to market.  This first exciting phase has been completed with the brewery and cask storage facility, and we now moving forward on the tap room design and local offices.

Reminiscent of the name Cellador as well as the oak wood casks used to age the beer, the new entry builds on the refined simplicity of that natural wood while marking the entry and welcoming guests into the sophisticated interior. That wood siding with steel accents then leads customers into the refined palette of the interior: white stone bar top, metal patina bar face, wood seating, steel doors to the cask area and accents of brass and bronze lighting.  Once inside, the wood transitions into seating and the steel accent are picked up on the face of the bar and in the steel doors to the cask room. These doors allow a view into the wood cask racks and open up for larger events with in the casks room. A simple and sophisticated setting to enjoy the refreshing, noteworthy flavors.