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Photos © NCA Studio


Hollywood Condominiums

Architect of Record:  Clive Wilkinson Architects
Role:  Project Architect
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Type:  15,785 sf Multi-Family with 7,365 sf underground garage

This triangular shaped lot in the heart of Hollywood was developed from a single family home into a 9-unit condominium complex. Each two-story unit was designed with an open floor plan and at least one sizable window to provide flexibility, ventilation and natural light, along with visual drama.  The overall configuration of the units maximized the build-able area of the site while accommodating the Los Angeles open space requirements, setbacks, parking and height limitations. Exterior materials were utilized to establish each individual unit as an identifiable place to call home.

In addition to designing and permitting the project, the design team participated in presentations to the neighborhood council, attained a height variance from the LA Planning Department and managed the tract map documents.