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KVCR Radio and Television

Project Manager: NCA Studio Inc.
Location: KVCR/ San Bernardino Community College, San Bernardino, CA
Type:  18,000 SF Radio and Television Broadcast Facility

With the rapid evolution of Radio and Television technologies, and a need to meet new standards with expanded channel capacity, KVCR set 2018 as a target year for a complete facility technology modernization to support the transition to VHF, and ATSC 3.0. With a tight timeframe set by the FCC for this transition, KVCR hired NCA Studio as the Program Manager to oversee the technology upgrade and the associated building renovation of their existing 18,000 sf facility. This technology and building modernization will provide the foundation to expand their programming, content and audience in and beyond the Inland Empire.

As the Program Manager, NCA Studio worked with KVCR, FNX and San Bernardino Community College to assemble a highly qualified team of specialists to design a modern facility tailored to KVCR’s unique needs.  NCA Studio worked with these team members to establish project goals, identify milestones, maintain the budget, and adhere to the state and college required procedure.

The radio and television technology modernization is scheduled to be completed by April 2019 and the building improvements will be completed later in 2019.