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TYT Network

Project Manager and Architect of Record:  NCA Studio Inc.
Location: Culver City, CA
Type:  9,000 SF Broadcast Facility

As the largest online news network in the world for millennials, covering politics, pop culture and lifestyle with over 200 million views a month, the TYT Network (The Young Turks Network) needed a workspace that matched their creative content and innovative spirit.  As Architect and Project Manager, NCA Studio started their collaboration with TYT by modernizing their server and technology backbone, and then moved onto improving their office spaces and transforming it into a creative office space that matched their exceptional success and content.

As the Architect (in collaboration with PrettySmart), NCA Studio focused on the public and collaborative areas of their office, and created a green room, open lounge/ collaboration area, enclosed library lounge, a prop room, focus room and strategically updated their furniture. These selective additions took a very functional office space and transformed it into a creative and collaborative space for the staff and talent.

While working as the Project Architect, NCA Studio also oversaw the project as the Project Manager. Careful planning and coordination between the Owner, Contactor and Sub-contractors was required to maintain a fully functional facility during a complete server room upgrade and office improvements. The fast pace of an online new organization, required all work to be done after hours and on weekends and made the project oversight and coordination a critical component.